Conducting Wear / Abrasion Tests

Conducting Wear / Abrasion Tests

Quite often, the driving forces behind testing are cost, time and habit.  

With manufacturers constantly being pressured to cut their costs, less money is available to support extensive testing programs.  And company downsizing trends and other factors have resulted in an attitude where testing is regarded as a non-value activity. 

Conversely, many test procedures were prepared years ago and are often carried out on outdated and / or out of calibration test equipment.  Also, knowledge of testing is frequently passed down from generation to generation by on-the-job training.  Written procedures may be obsolete or nonexistent, or you may discover that your procedures no longer match the test method that you have been claiming to meet. 

And so, the limited testing that is conducted by many companies today may provide poor data on those properties they were designed to evaluate.  Discover the opportunity testing offers to add value to your product and how Taber instruments can help.

It may be time to rethink the value that can be derived from testing.