Abrasion Testing Instruments

Wire Scrape Attachment

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with Wire Scrape Attachment

The service environment for automotive and aerospace wire applications can be severe.  Vibration and other forms of damage may cause wear of the protective insulation, resulting in short circuits, malfunction or inadvertent operation of the equipment.

The Scrape Abrasion Kit is used with the Taber Linear Abraser Model 5750 to perform abrasion resistance according test method ISO 6722-1.  This test is designed to abrade the surface of wire or cable insulation in both directions along the longitudinal axis of the specimen.  The kit works with specimens with a conductor size equal to or less than 6mm2.  {Note, the holder will accommodate wire approximately 6 mm diameter or less.}

The sample wire is affixed to a rigid mounting device such that it does not move during testing.  A replaceable abrading needle, either 0.25mm or 0.45mm in diameter, is reciprocated over the specimen until it abrades through the insulation and makes contact with the conductor.  Included with the kit is a Remote Stop Kit which will automatically shut-off the Linear Abraser when the needle abrades through the wire’s protective coating and makes contact with the conductor.