Abrasion Testing Instruments

PaperClip Mar

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with Paperclip Mar Attachment

A simple mar and scuffing test for plastic materials utilizes a common paperclip which is held 90° to the specimen surface.  To conduct this test with the Taber Linear Abraser, you will need the Paperclip Mar Attachment.

The attachment holds a standard No. 1 Gem paperclip (Trombones) rigidly such that it can be positioned vertically to the test specimen.  The large, rounded end of the paperclip is moved across the specimen, under controlled conditions for a minimum of 100mm.  GM Engineering Standard GM9150P details the test procedure and requires the test to be conducted in four different directions that are parallel to the edges of the specimen.  Scuffing and mar damage is assessed visually.

This attachment will also accommodate the needle stylus and loop stylus (see Multi-Mar Attachment ).