Abrasion Testing Instruments

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader)

5750_linear_abraser_updated_reduced.jpgAn instrument that is becoming more recognized for conducting physical testing of decorated plastics and other contoured products is Taber Industries’ Linear Abraser (Abrader). This device offers the operator perhaps the greatest versatility of commercially available testers and can be utilized on many manufactured goods. Developed to test actual products, the apparatus incorporates a horizontal arm that reciprocates in a linear motion. Attached to the end of the arm is a ‘free-floating’ test system that is placed onto the specimen at the start of the test. As the arm cycles back-and-forth, a spline shaft raises or lowers as the test attachment follows the contours of the specimen being tested.

To simulate real-world conditions, parameters can be altered according to the material and test being performed. The instrument can be adjusted from 2 to 75 strokes per minute, and includes the convenience of six preset speed buttons. Eleven stroke lengths are standard ranging from 0.2 inch up to 4.0 inch. The base load is 350 grams and consists of the test attachment, spline shaft and weight holder. Weight discs of various increments, from 10 to 250 grams, can be added to the weight holder to increase the test load to approximately 2100 grams. Optional accessories can be also be used to decrease the load. For example, an 150mm aluminum spline shaft and plastic Wearaser Collet Kit can bring the minimum load on the sample to as low as 60 grams.


The basic configuration allows the operator to conduct wear tests using a Taber Wearaser® abradant. The size of a pencil eraser, Taber offers seven standard Wearasers manufactured from the same high quality abrasive formulations used in the Genuine Taber wheels for the Taber Abraser as well as custom abrasive formulations. Both CS-10 and H-18 type Wearasers are supplied with the instrument. In addition to the standard ¼ inch configuration, a ½ inch diameter Jumbo Wearaser and ¾ inch diameter Weardisc® are also available.

To allow the operator to expand the range of their testing, a variety of interchangeable attachments can be mounted to the end of the spline shaft. This permits other material physical properties to be evaluated, including scratch, gouge, scrape, rub and color transfer (commonly referred to as crocking). Results are most often determined by a visual inspection after subjecting the specimen to a fixed number of abrasion cycles. Alternatively, tests can be run until the surface coating has been worn down to the substrate material or a portion thereof (breakthrough).

5750_Linear_Abraser_with_T-Slot.jpg.jpgWith the diversity of products that can be tested with the Taber Linear Abraser, it is up to the end-user to determine a suitable clamp or fixturing device appropriate to their product. Taber offers a T-slot table (see below image) and vice mounts that will keep most products in a rigid position during the testing.

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