Case Studies

Clothes Iron

Taber distributor uses TABER-Test program to demonstrate benefits of Linear Abraser


A manufacturer of clothes irons was concerned about scratching the iron’s surface against zippers and buttons on shirts, trousers or jackets. They approached Neurtek Instruments, an authorized Taber distributor, and asked for testing recommendations.



Neurtek Instruments proposed the use of the Taber Linear Abraser but was not certain which test accessories would be appropriate. Working on behalf of the customer, Neurtek submitted three specimens to the “TABER-Test” program and requested Taber’s evaluation and advice. Through testing, Taber demonstrated the capabilities of various test accessories and offered our expert opinion on potential test approaches.

Recognizing that buttons come in many different sizes and materials, Taber understood that damage could be caused from either a sharp corner or rounded edge. The Multi-Mar Attachment was selected with a standardized loop stylus to simulate round buttons and the copper coin for sharp corners. Additional attachments were also proposed as possible solutions the customer might find useful. These included the ScotchBrite® Abrasive Pad Kit (to simulate damage generated when cleaning the iron surface) and Taber’s Wearasers (to quantify the abrasion resistance of the surface coating).



The customer was impressed to receive the tested samples and Taber’s detailed summary report analyzing the pros and cons for each accessory. Taking the time to arrange a lab-controlled simulation of typical damage allowed Neurtek Instruments to present a qualified solution specific to their customer’s concerns.