Abrasion Testing Instruments

Scratching / Adhesion

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader) for Scratching / Adhesion


The Taber Linear Abraser can be used to evaluate a material’s susceptibility to scratching and its ability to withstand repeated rubbing with a sharp or pointed object held at a 90° angle.  The conventional scratch test procedure is popular because it is relatively simple and the load can be increased (decreased) until failure is detected.

A variety of attachments are offered to conduct this type of testing:

The Scratch Kit permits single or multiple pass scratch testing using a conical diamond tool.  This kit is intended for hard materials, and includes the scratch tool holder, two conical diamond tools (model 139-55 with 90°, 3 mil radius point and model 139-56 with 90°, 3.5 mil radius point) and a 7x magnifier.

For resilient materials, spherical scratch tips are offered in a 1.0mm diameter hemisphere Scratch Tip or 7.0mm diameter hemisphere Mar Tip, and are screwed directly into a tapped hole at the bottom of the spline shaft. Conical scratch tips are also available in 0.1mm, 0.25mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm diameters.

All scratch tests with the Linear Abraser are performed as a constant load test.  To change the load, accessory weight discs and / or precision weight sets may be used.

taber_scratch_kit.jpg taber_scratch_mar_tips.jpg