Abrasion Testing Instruments

GM Abrasion Accessories

With optional attachments, Taber’s Reciprocating Abraser can perform linear abrasion testing per test method GM specifications (GMW 14125). This test evaluates the abrasion resistance of textile specimens using a specified friction media applied to the specimen at a specified pressure force.

gm_pretensioning_device.jpgDepending on the type of material being evaluated, one of three specimen holders is utilized. The Wide Slot Specimen Holder includes a 32mm x 140mm opening for securing flat specimens. The Specimen Fixing Plate Kit has a 11mm x 140mm opening. Used with lightweight flexible specimens, an 8mm diameter rod is placed under the specimen to raise the specimen above the holder and help add tension. GM’s pre-tensioning device incorporates a dial to raise and lower a supporting test bed, permitting tension to be added to the specimen. Attachments referenced in GM tests include:

  • 5mm Scraper
  • 10mm Scraper
  • Brass Brush
  • Test Wedge Kit
  • Spherical Ball Rub Attachment
GMW14125_5mm_scraper.jpg 133452_brass_brush.jpg 133423_test_wedge_kit.jpg 133424_spherical_rub_kit.JPG