Abrasion Testing Instruments

ScotchBrite kit

taber_scotchbrite_pad.jpgTaber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with ScotchBrite® Kit

To evaluate the affects of abrasion damage caused by a scouring pad, Taber offers the Scotchbrite® Pad Kit for the Linear Abraser.  This test kit works extremely well to simulate damage that might be generated by a consumer while cleaning with a scouring pad.

The test system includes a 1-3/8 inch aluminum square block along with light duty and general purpose pads that are attached to the holder with a double-sided adhesive.  The light duty pad is manufactured from soft, non-woven fibers and is intended for applications where a mild abrasive scrubbing action is required.  In contrast, the general purpose pad is used as a substitute for steel wool and intended for “everyday” cleaning.

IMPORTANT:  It must be noted that scouring pads inherently have variation and were not intended to be a tightly controlled abrasive product.