Abrasion Testing Instruments

Genuine Taber Wheels

An essential component of conducting "Taber wear tests" is the type of abradant that is used. Choose from a wide variety of abrading wheels to test in accordance with published standards or to simulate real-life wear conditions. For additional information visit Taber wheels.

Taber Industries offers two general types of standardized GENUINE TABER abrasive products - Calibrase® and Calibrade®. The wheels are a proprietary formulation developed by Taber Industries and comprised of silicon carbide or aluminum oxide abrasive particles embedded in a resilient or vitrified (clay) binder. Taber abradants are designed so the binder material breaks down during use – thus exposing and creating a new abrading surface. Specialty and custom wheels are also available. With standardized grades to meet varying requirements of abrasive action, many different types of material surfaces may be evaluated.

Introduced in October 2007, Genuine Taber abrading wheels and Wearasers now include a security label to identify them as Genuine Taber products (see below image). For results that you can trust, always use Genuine Taber products.

GenuineTaber Sticker v2.jpg