Abrasion Testing Instruments

Jumbo Wearaser

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with Jumbo Wearaser


When the standard ¼ inch Wearaser™ abradant is too small, the Jumbo Wearaser can be used.  Use of this type of abradant requires the Jumbo Wearaser Collet.

Jumbo Wearasers are ½ inch in diameter, and available in the same formulations as standard Wearasers and Genuine Taber wheels.  Due to the larger contact area, the intended use of this abradant is for flat specimens or samples that have little to no change in its shape / contour.

The CS-5 Jumbo Wearaser is a unique abradant that is a densely compacted felt that may be used for dry or wet rub tests.  For wet tests, the CS-5 Jumbo Wearasers will absorb many types of fluids enabling you to analyze their impact on abrasion tests.  [The spline shaft and collet are manufactured out of aluminum, so caustic chemicals must be avoided.]