Abrasion Testing Instruments

Multi-Media Abraser

taber_multimedia_abraser.jpgThe TABER® Multi-Media Abraser provides a reproducible method to measure the abrasivity of various mediums, enabling you to use the Taber Rotary Abraser to perform particle abrasivity testing. Using this instrument, you can determine the relative abrasiveness of fluids, powders, pastes and semi-solids. Or, characterize how these mediums cause wear when they come in contact with different components.

The medium to be tested is placed in a dish that contains a stainless steel wear disc on the bottom. As the dish rotates, an integral drive shaft operates a set of gears and turns the spline shaft. At the base of the shaft is a pin holder with three (3) hi-grade brass pins that rotate in the opposite direction of the specimen dish. As the medium flows between the brass pins and stainless steel, the material acts as an abrasive and causes wear. Measuring the weight loss of the brass pins provides an accurate comparison of abrasion rates of different media.

taber_multimedia_bw.jpgMost standard tribological tests are not designed to run in the presence of a liquid test medium. And erosion tests such as the Miller/SAR Number Test are hindered by the rheological properties of sealants and adhesives. The Taber Multi-Media Abraser overcomes this limitation as it was developed to investigate abrasivity exhibited by different adhesives, sealants and fluids.


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