Case Studies

Composite Diamond Coatings

Taber Acts as Independent Lab to Validate Abrasion Results


composite_diamond_coatings.jpgDiamond Innovations works directly with their customers to develop product and application solutions using manufactured diamond, cubic boron nitride (CBN), and polycrystalline products. One aspect of their business is to enhance metals or alloys using a Composite Diamond Coating (CDC). According to the manufacturer, applying this coating provides the unique properties of diamond to the surface of wear parts and systems. Thus, many customers are able to change the base material of their parts to one that is less expensive, lighter, or easier to manufacture, thereby creating cost savings.To demonstrate wear resistance properties, Diamond Innovations uses the Taber Rotary Abraser. Subjecting specimens to the same test protocol, Diamond Innovations establishes a Wear Index that allows a direct comparison of the different product options.


Taber Industries was contacted by Diamond Innovations to conduct independent wear testing on select materials. The purpose was to validate the data generated by Diamond Innovations and to confirm their results were reproducible. After a thorough review of Diamond Innovations’ test protocol, Taber Industries lab personnel conducted the validation study and provided a detailed analysis of our findings complete with a photographic presentation of results.


Diamond Innovations’ marketing and sales departments rely on Taber Wear Index data to promote the value that composite diamond coatings offer over typical tooling materials options.