Abrasion Testing Instruments

Multi-Mar Attachment

Taber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with Multi-Mar Attachment

The Multi-Mar Attachment makes it possible to set up the Taber Linear Abraser to perform mar abrasion tests.  The Multi-Mar Attachment holds the stylus at an angle of 45° and is advanced such that the stylus "pushes" across the specimen surface (in the direction of the obtuse angle that is formed between the stylus and specimen).

The attachment is supplied with a loop type stylus, which allows it to be used like a balance beam scratch and mar tester to evaluate scratch adhesion and mar resistance of coatings according to ASTM D2197.  Using a common coin, the Multi-Mar can significantly improve upon the 'dime scrape' adhesion test normally conducted by hand.  Other optional styli include a needle stylus and Hoffman type stylus.  A standardized copper coin is also offered by Taber Industries to mimic scuffing damage caused by a fingernail scrape.

 taber_multimar_loop_stylus.jpg  taber_multimar_needle_stylus.jpg
 taber_multimar_hoffman_stylus.jpg  taber_multimar_coin_scrape.jpg