For over 65 years, Taber® Industries has been helping companies understand how wear resistant their products and materials are.  Recognized worldwide, Taber has been utilized in diverse applications including paints & coatings; textiles; paper; laminate flooring; plus many more.  With a solid history involved with understanding material physical properties, why not put our knowledge and expertise to work for you!


taber-abraser.jpgConsumers have an expectation of product performance. Regardless of whether an item is purchased for home or commercial use, one key consideration involves quality and durability. How long a product lasts before it wears out is an essential part of this perceived quality.

Why is this important? Most consumers are willing to pay a premium for a product that delivers higher quality. In fact, product durability offers a competitive advantage that many brand images are built on. Utilizing benchmarking techniques, manufacturers are able to adjust formulations to improve and maximize performance. Often, this is at a fraction of the cost for associated warranty claims.

What if the product does not deliver as expected? Typically, consumer satisfaction drops and they look for other alternatives. This is important to note, because in today’s competitive environment most manufacturers put significant efforts into minimizing production costs to remain competitive. These efforts might involve changing material suppliers or specifying a different type of protective coating. Unfortunately, changes are often made with little consideration given to how they affect product performance. Accelerated wear testing is a critical factor that is often overlooked when these decisions are made.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the following questions, Taber Industries can help you.
  • How can we maintain a high quality product finish without spending a fortune?
  • If we change coatings, will our product be as durable as it once was? 
  • Supplier 'XYZ' has a lower cost, does it perform as well?

We are confident that we can help solve your abrasion and wear problems with the Taber Rotary Abraser (Abrader)Taber Linear AbraserTaber Reciprocating AbraserTaber Grit FeederTaber Oscillating Abrasion TesterTaber Multi-Media Abraser or another of our products. Cannot find a solution, then contact us!

Taber Industries also designs and builds custom instruments and accessories.