Abrasion Testing Instruments

Scuffing Head Attachment

The Rotary Platform Abrasion Tester has the ability to perform adhesion or 'scrape' tests using a Scuffing Head Attachment in place of the abrading wheels.  As the turntable rotates, the scuffing head is dragged across the specimen.

This attachment is used to evaluate abrasive damage caused by the scraping action of a special scuffing head.  Used on materials such as vinyl, leather, textiles, non-woven materials, plastics and painted products; two different weights and three unique profile scuffing head configurations are available.  Scuffing head type "A" is similar to the flat blade of a screwdriver [blade is approximately 8 mm wide]. Type "B" has a knife edge [blade is approximately 4 mm wide], and type "C" has a radius edge [blade is approximately 8 mm wide].

image_a.gif image_b.gif image_c_updated.gif

taber_abraser.jpgA bracket is mounted to the inside riser mount for the left abraser arm such that the scuffing head is held at a 110° angle to the turntable. The vertical centerline of the scuff head is 32 mm from the specimen holder center pin, and the tip is centered under a weight (0.45kg or 0.9kg) in a horizontal alignment with the center pin. The Taber Abraser is operated in the normal fashion however the vacuum system is not utilized. With a hinged design, the scuffing tool may be raised when not in use.