Abrasion Testing Instruments

Universal Attachment (Rub)

taber_h18_weardisc.jpgTaber Linear Abraser (Abrader) with Universal Attachment

To conduct rub tests with the Taber Linear Abraser, the Universal Attachment is suggested.  This attachment has a 1.0 inch diameter flat head, which enables the operator to affix their own abradant material with a double-sided adhesive tape.

The Universal Attachment permits “real-world” testing by allowing you to simulate specific problems or issues that might be unique to your application.  Virtually any contacting material can be affixed to this attachment and rubbed across the surface of your product.  For example, to evaluate rub damage caused by shipping cartons during transport, you might attach a section of the shipping container.  If your product is exposed to repeated rubbing of a textile, you may consider using that as the abradant.  This attachment is also useful to test the ability of the product to withstand repeated rubbing by a blunt or flat object.

taber_rub_wear.jpgA standardized abrasive known as a Weardisc™ may also be used with this attachment.  Available in a ¾" diameter, Weardiscs are supplied in the same formulations as the Genuine Taber Abrading wheels and Wearasers.  Weardisc adhesive dots are recommended to attach materials to the Universal Attachment.